At the September meeting of the Federal Reserve, the long-promised signaling for the tapering of asset purchasing was felt even as Federal Chairman Jerome Powell did not state a specific timeline. Speculations are that the Fed will announce the official start of tapering at its meeting on November 2nd  and

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10 Things You Should Know About Refinancing Your Home

If you are thinking about refinancing your home, you’re in good company. When done at the right time – namely when interest rates drop one percent or more lower than your current mortgage interest rate – refinancing has the potential to lower your monthly payments and increase your monthly cash

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How Does Cash Out Refinance Work?

Thinking about trying cash out refinance to help with home improvement, college tuition, debt consolidation or another endeavor, but not quite sure how it works?  In a nutshell, cash out refinance is a refinancing option that will replace a homeowner’s old mortgage with a new one for a larger amount

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What Type of Mortgage is Right for You?

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or are ready to find a property to upgrade or downsize to, it is important to know how much house you can afford and what type of mortgage is right for your situation. Choosing the right mortgage is one decision that can save you

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Want to Use a Home Equity Line of Credit to Pay for Home Improvements?

The beginning of each year is traditionally a popular time for homeowners to seriously think about improvements they want to make to their home. Even though it’s wintertime, many people aspire to complete home improvement projects before summer begins. Because mortgage interest rates are currently low, and the value of

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Do You Know Your Mortgage Interest Rate?

If someone asked you the interest rate on your mortgage, would you know the number? Believe it or not, many people do not know the rate they are paying. This may be due to one or more factors, including: • The mortgage was obtained many years ago, and you simply

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